Accounts can only be created in the game SHADOWGUN: Deadzone

What is SHADOWGUN: DeadZone custom account?

SHADOWGUN: DeadZone is the only account that you can use to log in to the game. Custom account is not dependent on device type and can be used across all platforms. With one account, you can play on Android or iOS as well as on PC or even Facebook. We recommend that you create a custom account because of its non-dependence on a concrete type of device. Your custom account login details also allow you to buy gold via web browser.

How to create a SHADOWGUN: DeadZone account?

SHADOWGUN: DeadZone allows you to create your account at the start of gameplay. Tap on "Login with Custom Account", then on the new window "Create new user" and fill in your name and password. In the final step, you can enter in your e-mail address so that you can create a new password if needed. Please note that if you do not enter an e-mail address, there will be no way for you to create a new password in the case of a loss or forgotten password.

How to migrate a SHADOWGUN: DeadZone account?

SHADOWGUN: DeadZone allows you to migrate your Facebook account so that you can play the PC version of the game. In order to do so, please:
1) Login with Facebook
2) Click on the Account tab
3) Enter your email address in the migration form
4) Check you email and follow the instruction in the email

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