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MADFINGER Games a.s.


  • Three new summer weapons: two melees and one ranged
  • New summer event: Collect pineapples to get rewards and one free themed weapon


  • Option to subscribe to MADFINGER Games’ Youtube channel is now available
  • Length of session length for Warfare has been reduced
  • Amount of in-game Tournament pop-ups reduced 
  • Removed outdated in-game messages
  • Minimum required level for the chat feature increased to 10, reducing unwanted messages
  • Daily and item boost multipliers have been rebalanced
  • From 1.6.0 the “Double Money (permanent)” item will no longer be available in the store


  • Crashes during daily missions in China now fixed
  • Mission rewards cap has been adjusted so players are not limited to the previous maximum amount of $250,000
  • Players are now able to build the Kriss Vector Tactical weapon correctly after collecting its blueprints
  • Position of the Progress Bar has been changed to stop it blocking some players’ view during missions