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Brno. The second largest city of the Czech Republic.
City of students, beer, wine, functionalist architecture, Czech Grand Prix, fairs, fireworks and endless opportunities.
Urban Areas
Brno is green, with almost 30% of the city covered by parks, forests and hills. We love the outdoors here, and in the warm weather these green spaces are packed with people laughing, barbecuing, jogging, sharing a shisha, doing yoga, practicing their slacklining, etc, etc. It’s all very chilled - just picture Tolkien’s Shire, without the hairy feet.
You like fun, right? Well, you’re in luck - Brno is all about fun, and there’s always something going on. From the Christmas markets to music festivals, you’ll never get bored. There’s loads of pubs, clubs, gyms, wellness centres, sports, pop-up events, firework displays, cinemas, you name it. The only problem is finding enough time to fit it all in!
Safer Than Canada
When one of the highest profile crimes in the past decade is the drunken heist of a goat from the city’s nativity set, you know that you’re in a safe place! Brno is officially safer than Canada, and when you combine that with low living costs, superb infrastructure, and a very high quality of life, it’s one of the most desirable cities to live in the world.
Brno enjoys mild winters and warm summers, with clearly defined seasons. It rarely drop below -5 in the winter, perfect for hot wine, ice skating and warm pubs. Summer is when the city really bursts into life, with temperatures hovering around 28°C. So hit the pool during the day and savour long evenings of al fresco dining, drinking, and showing off your tan!
Food, drink, and more drinks
Czechs famously have the best beer in the world. Similar can be said about their wine and cuisine. In particular, the Czechs and people from Brno are extremely proud of the dumplings. Did we mention that we have the best beer in the world?
Brno is a pretty brainy city, with fourteen universities and over sixty high schools. Some of the brightest minds of this generation were educated here, and the thousands of students make it a lively and fun-loving place to live. It also attracts many students from abroad, which makes English almost the official language, supported by the amazing International School of Brno (isob.cz)
In the Heart of Europe
You can’t get much more Central European than Brno, which is almost equidistant from Dublin and Moscow. Nowhere in Europe is very far away, so if you’ve got a spare weekend you can jump on a plane and within a few hours watch a match at the Nou Camp or sip Raki as the sun goes down in Crete. Flights are generally cheap, so Europe is your oyster!
Expat Friendly
With students from all over the world and a thriving expat community, Brno knows how to make a newcomer feel welcome. There are tons of meetups, English language events and expat-friendly bars, so you’ll be part of the scene in no time. You will also find support at the Brno Expat Centre, a non-profit organisation who can help you sort out paperwork, find a dentist, or just recommend a social event to attend. MADFINGER Games are proud to be a partner of this excellent Brno institution.
Brno has a wealth of theatres, museums, galleries, music halls, exhibition spaces and much, much more. Whether you’re into Beethoven, ballet or the underground punk scene, Brno will have something for you - no matter what your specific MADness is! There’s also a multitude of historical sights for you to explore, and if Functionalist architecture is your thing then you’re in the right place. There’s many great examples in the city, not least the UNESCO designated world heritage site, the Tugendhat Villa.


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