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Mar 9, 2021


Hello Champions!

Venture Beyond and fight your enemies all across the galaxy with Dandara, a powerful new hero that can pulverize any foe with her mighty punches, while also protecting her allies with a shield wall! Use her abilities in the new Observatory map and lead your team to victory! Prepare for vastly improved matchmaking, redesigned and more rewarding Splits, smoother player progression, and a rich 100-tier Season 5 Battle Pass with exceptional awards!

New Content

  • DANDARA: A new hero that can destroy her opponents and protect her team! 
  • OBSERVATORY: A new map full of open areas, narrow passages and plenty of opportunities for an ambush!
  • New Battle Pass season with more than 100 rewards (including skins)!


  • Improved matchmaking for a more balanced experience!
  • Improved Shop offers to better match your preferred items!
  • Improved Player Progression to be faster and more rewarding!
  • Improved bot map navigation!
  • Reworked Splits

Balance changes


  • Secondary weapon damage decreased by 5%


  • Primary weapon fire rate decreased by 10%
  • Primary weapon accuracy decreased by 20%
  • Primary weapon no longer penetrates targets
  • Secondary weapon damage decreased by 5%
  • STONE SKIN cooldown reduced by 20%
  • ROAR cooldown reduced by 20%


  • Primary weapon accuracy decreased by 60%
  • Secondary weapon accuracy increased by 30%


  • Primary weapon fire rate decreased by 25%
  • Primary weapon projectile speed decreased by 25%
  • Secondary weapon damage decreased by 10%
  • SENTRY GUN cooldown increased by 30%
  • SENTRY GUN damage reduced by 30%
  • SENTRY GUN fire rate reduced by 25%
  • SENTRY GUN ammo capacity decreased to 200
  • SENTRY GUN accuracy decreased by 50%


  • SHIELD DASH movement distance increased by 10%
  • SHIELD DASH damage decreased by 50%


  • BLADE SLASH movement distance increased by 35%
  • BLADE SLASH damage decreased by 20%


  • OVERLOAD duration increased by 50%


  • ADAPTIVE CAMO duration decreased by 40%

Field of View adjusted for all weapons

Plus many bug fixes, stability improvements and various other quality of life improvements!

See you on the battlefield!

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