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Story Campaign

Save humanity from an alien invader in an epic Story Campaign spanning over 200+ mission on 4 diverse planets


  • Build your Legend with our revolutionary Fame system.
  • Revel in the lifestyle of a legendary rockstar warrior.
  • Earn special rewards for having fun and expressing your personality.
  • Have a statue built in your honour or your name on the Walk of Fame for all to see.


  • Experience the most advanced weapon and gear systems in mobile gaming.
  • Collect all 500 lethal weapons and more than 1000 different armor pieces.
  • Stand out with hundreds of cool cosmetic items.
  • Hunt for the rarest weapons and armor in epic raids.
  • Customize your gear with paints, skins and stickers to stand out from the crowd.

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The Voice of John Slade: Interview with Sean Crisden, Voice Actor

John Slade has been a fan favourite since his first sci-fi adventure,Shadowgun, was released eight years ago. I spoke to the man who gave the cult hero his distinctive voice…

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