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Jan 26, 2018

Balancing Update 0.2.1

With global launch approaching, we are introducing more balancing changes based on feedback from our amazing beta testers and analytical data. Here is what we improved.


  • Assault Rifles
  • Added new weapon behavior for skilled players
  • Omnisight-manufactured burst rifles (Shinra, Shinra II, Takahashi and Takahashi II) are now more accurate with increased fire rate
  • Atcheskov burst rifles DPS has been increased by 5%
  • Omnisight automatic rifles now use energetic projectiles
  • Submachine Guns
  • Separated into three different categories based on their manufacturer
  • Atcheskov now offers high damage SMGs with limited accuracy
  • Perzero provides reliable and well-balanced SMGs
  • Omnisight now uses energy to power their SMGs with insane fire rate and good accuracy
  • All SMGs DPS was lowered by 5%
  • Machine Guns
  • MGs were given enhancements based on their weapon manufacturers
  • Atcheskov Machine Guns now offer the highest damage output per bullet
  • Perzero Machine Guns are well balanced with no trade-off
  • Omnisights now offers only energy MGs with increased rate of fire and accuracy
  • All Machine Guns DPS has been lowered by 40%
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Damage has been decreased by 55% - Sniper Rifles now require two body shots or single headshot to kill your opponent in PvP
  • Hip fire accuracy decreased by 50%
  • Ammo capacity increased by 100%
  • Aim-down-sight accuracy bonus lowered from 25% to 10% for all weapons


  • Supercharge damage bonus decreased from 300% to 200%
  • Proximity Stun cooldown increased from 140 seconds to 180 seconds on level 1/to 160 seconds on level 5
  • Survival Kit no longer replenishes support ammo

Thank you all for your feedback and stay tuned for more improvements!