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Nov 10, 2017

Beta Update 0.1.1


  • Added new “Conflux” map for both Duel and Ascendancy
  • Added Rank 17 items for “Willow” and “Big Red”
  • Enabled the Buy menu for premium vendor “Pedro”:
  • Added Paint Cans
  • Added Cosmetics
  • Added Stickers
  • Added Bundles
  • Added Keys for Key Chests
  • Enabled In-App purchases and Hard currency
  • Added Key chests mechanic with enhanced drop
  • Added Multiple Loading Screens and Hints
  • Added hacking minigame tutorial IMPROVEMENTS
  • Difficulty re-balanced
  • Multiple performance optimizations
  • Skills rebalanced
  • Weapon Rebalances:
  • Damage
  • Fire Rate
  • Clip Size
  • Iron-Sight Targeting
  • Crosshair effects
  • Rarity and prices for all items adjusted
  • Enhanced the FPS and loading time
  • Fame earned from Medals / Ribbons decreases by count
  • Explosions rebalanced
  • Sponsor contracts rebalanced
  • Enemy encounters polished and re-balanced
  • Mission flow improved
  • Enhanced Matchmaking Queue to effectively pair players by “First in First Out” principle
  • Changed the Ammo Chest Timer
  • Enhanced connectivity and communication with the server for bad network conditions
  • Reduced some Loading Times
  • Several UI improvements
  • Navigation marker improvements
  • Optimized Controller support
  • Changed Bar buffs and drinks:
  • Beer is now considered a weak alcoholic beverage
  • “Slivovice” is now considered a strong alcoholic beverage
  • Buffs stats increase was re-balanced BUG FIXES
  • Fixed several major memory issues
  • Fixed checkpoints
  • Fixed bug where player was not able to exit the bar properly
  • Fixed several FPS issues and slow walking after exiting the bar
  • Fixed issue where the Turret could not be destroyed if its owner was dead
  • Multiple minor bug fixes such as collisions, shaders, etc.
  • Fixed issue where the Win/Loss by disconnect was not properly counted
  • Fixed some balancing issues regarding spawn points and stats awarded by skills
  • Fixed multiple issues with connectivity
  • Fixed issue where player was not spawned properly
  • Fixed several issues on Boss mechanics and loot
  • Fixed issue where the Fame was not properly awarded after completing the “Voltaic Fist” Quest
  • Fixed bugs where fame and ribbons were not properly awarded
  • Other minor bug fixes