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Dec 15, 2017

Update 0.2.0 released

We have just released a big update with new content, lots of improvements and fixes. Thanks for sending all your feedback!

New content:

  • Explore the icy new planet Mimir (no relation to Mimiron. You can safely push all the buttons on the planet)
  • Fight your way through over 30 new missions
  • Team up and defeat Riksh the Blade Dancer, the deadly boss in a challenging new dungeon
  • Be among the first to reach the rank 20 and gear up with tons of new weapons and armour
  • Master new passive skills
  • Take on a brand new type of enemy, the Blinker
  • Stand out from the crowd with snazzy new cosmetics New features:
  • Money bomb - show off in the HUB, be a philanthropist and share your cash
  • Tombstone - mark the spot where you were owned
  • Lucky wheel - try your luck and win fantastic prizes Gameplay Improvements:
  • Drink responsibly! Drunkenness now affects performance during missions
  • Dungeon Bosses are now smarter as their AI has been completely reworked
  • Revamped PvP matchmaking and queue system, so now you can jump straight into a match faster than ever
  • evive ability also enabled in PVP, so players can now save their team mate’s butts Controls improvements:
  • Full flexibility in layout customization
  • Position of the Weapon switch button can now be customized
  • You can now choose to activate iron sight with double tap or dedicated button Bug fixes:
  • Fixed freeze in PvP when the player was damaging someone using Deflector Skin
  • Fixed issue when enemies were not dying when using any increase ammo skill
  • Fixed bug when enemies would regain health
  • Increased the damage radius for Regis the Voltaic Fist's Supercharge ability in “The Voltaic Fist” dungeon so you won't get stuck in the middle of the safe chamber door
  • Fixed several issues regarding the enemy synchronization for all players in “The Voltaic Fist” dungeon
  • Sorted out laggy intro video on Android devices
  • Fixed bug causing players to go missing in PvP start screen
  • Fixed bug with Duel match starting with only one player...big problem for a Duel
  • “Ammo Up” skill now actually increases your ammo
  • Fixed bug that was causing incorrect damage values when shooting enemies
  • Sorted out issue with perks on items, as duplicate perks were not multiplying correctly
  • Fixed embarrassing overlap of weapons and armour in third person view
  • Dozens of other tiny fixes under the hood Let us know how you like the new update! Reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Forum or contact our customer support.