Aug 06, 2019

Choppy’s Incredible Adventures: Chef of Death — Part Two

Last week: Choppy, everyone’s favourite fast-food vendor, made it through to the final of the Chef of Death cooking show. He must now defeat the formidable Ovenator to win the top prize…


How will Choppy survive the Ovenator’s fiery onslaught? Since this is Shadowgun Legends lore, will we find out why they call him Choppy? Find out next time on the final episode of Choppy’s Incredible Adventures: Chef of Death!


1.0.2 Update Notes

1.0.2 Update Notes

Dec 06, 2019
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A Paradise for Science: MFG supports the Czech Antarctic Foundation

Last week MADFINGER Games launched a special event in Shadowgun Legends to support the Czech Antarctic Foundation. Like many people, I know that research in Antarctica has some connection to climate change…but how exactly? I visited Dr Pavel Kapler, manager of the Czech Antarctic Program, to find out about their work and life at the bottom of the planet…

Dec 04, 2019
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