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Jan 07, 2019

New PvP Event begins January 7

New challenges and rewards are coming with this new development of the Hostile Takeover saga

The Hostile Takeover was an immense success, and our shareholders were very impressed by the raw charisma on display in the Hub. In view of this, we have decided to revamp the Network’s entire light entertainment programme...by featuring more Shadowguns.

New shows are in development for the galaxy’s viewing pleasure, packed with all the drama and action that only Toltech GHN can deliver. Our casting Bots are closely observing all the Wargame matches for future stars, so please contact Nitro for further details. Keep up the good work.

Brian McEachern, Talent Acquisition Ninja, Toltech GHN Entertainment


  • Armor Set Fertilizator
  • Epic Sniper Rifle Brussel
  • Epic Automatic Rifle Fire Fist Spewer
  • Epic SMG Rascal Lite
  • Epic Shotgun Starskull