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Jun 19, 2018

Shadowgun Legends is coming to Nintendo Switch

Yes, it is really happening! As we just revealed during keynote at Unite 2018 in Berlin, Shadowgun Legends is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Every Nintendo Switch player will soon get their hands Shadowgun Legends, hi-tech RPG shooter loved by millions of mobile players.

“We are super excited about the opportunity to bring our most ambitious game to Nintendo Switch players,” says Marek Rabas, CEO, co-founder and Game Director of MADFINGER Games. “Our goal is to deliver an unprecedented level of graphical quality at 60 FPS.”

The game features a huge amount of content, in which the player takes on brutal alien invaders laying waste to human colonies in distant galaxies. The action takes place in a campaign with over 200 missions across 4 unique planets.

The toughest challenges will await players in epic raids, cooperative battles against mighty bosses, and team PvP battles with different modes for groups of players. After epic battles it’s time for fun in the Hub, players can hang out with other Shadowguns, chat with friends, join the guilds, and most of all party hard together!

Thanks to the game’s unique awards system every player has a chance to become a legend. The more fame a Shadowgun gathers the bigger reaction from the world around him, and with that also comes bigger respect from the community.

All of that with the typical style of MADFINGER Games with the highest visual fidelity and in impressive 60 FPS that will delight the most hardcore Nintendo Switch fans.

We at MADFINGER Games are super excited about our first foray into console gaming and will be sharing more information with you soon.

Stay tuned!