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Sep 30, 2016

Pavel Koten

Pavel Koten

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello, my name is Pavel Koten. I originally come from a peaceful village not far from the Brno. I grew up surrounded by a lovely forest and lots of silence. Currently my job at Madfinger is level and gameplay designer, with occasionally some environment art, game design, promo stuff etc.

How long have you been working for Madfinger Games and how has it been? What games have you worked on?

I've been at Madfinger since 2011, so that's 5 years if I am counting right. I've jumped into the development of the original Shadowgun, which was the best game development experience in my life so far. I’ve had my fingers in most of the projects since then, except for Monzo and UNKILLED, I think. Previously I have worked on games like Mafia 2, Silent Hill Downpour, El Matador and several Half-Life 1/2 mods (which eventually got me started in the games industry).

Last week Mazen Sukkar said he is very impressed with the speed of your level design.. Have you got any comment?

That Mazen is a very sweet person :) His surname actually means "sugar" I believe. I don't consider myself quick, there are definitely more efficient guys in the team. I might be a fast-clicker, but when the ideas stop flowing, you are stuck anyway.

What is the biggest challenge when designing Shadowgun Legends?

To put such huge scope into the player's perspective. I mean, the game is so vast and you need to design, balance and tweak everything all the while thinking about everything at the same time.. But that's mainly focus of Mara (Game Director Shadowgun Legends and CEO of Madfinger Games) and Mazen (Game Designer) at this moment, so I have plenty of time wondering why my ideas stopped flowing :)

Is there something you are particularly proud of concerning Legends?

That we are creating something that nobody else tried on mobile yet. This will truly feel and play like a big console game. A game changer, if you will.

Can you tell us anything about the game? What stage is the development process in? What can the fans look forward to?

We had several shifts during the development, which was in order to find the best experience for the player. But that's totally normal during every development. You just try and try again, Work hard with all the sweat and tears, until you find the Holy Grail. We found it.