Oct 23, 2019

Shadowgun Legends 1.0.0 - Update Notes

Shadowgun Legends 1.0.0 - Update Notes

What's new?

  • New story-driven PVE “Adventures”
  • Weapon perks in PvP enabled
  • New bundles and Legendary Loot
  • More inventory space
  • Balance updates: Weapons, Skills, Fame
  • New layout of Conflux map
  • New event content - Halloween and Winter Holidays, Antarctic Foundation
  • Device Optimizations - Higher FPS, less heat, less battery drain
  • New Legendary and Epic items with Static Perks
  • Improved game balancing
  • Changes to Skills
  • Blink: Knockdown effect is now affected by knockdown resistance of the targeted player
  • EMP: Skill no longer disables activated Deflector, Invisibility and Supercharger on the caster and teammates
  • Sparta Kick skill can now activate only once per 3 seconds
  • Berserker Attack
  • After skill activation caster has 70% damage resistance for 3s
  • After skill activation caster has 100% knockdown resistance for 3s
  • When there is no target in range, skill icon is disabled
  • General: When a player is knocked down, the player can not use skills

New Legendary armor sets with static Perks

Kira's Basilisk

  • Shoulders - 20% Critical Damage with SMG
  • Body - 10% Damage with SMG
  • Gloves - 15% Accuracy with SMG
  • Legs - 25% Melee Resistance
  • Boots - 70% Knockdown resistance

Midnite's Invictus

  • Shoulders - 20% Damage to Elites with MGs
  • Body - 5% Damage Resistance
  • Gloves - 15% Accuracy with MGs
  • Legs - 40% Support Ammo Capacity
  • Boots - 20% Critical Strike Damage with MGs 

Changes to Perks

  • Weapon perks in PvP Matches enabled
  • Explosion resistance Uncommon Perk - Knockdown resistance removed (only explosion resistance effect is assigned to this perk)

Changes to Fame

  •  Daily fame drop rates after 7 days of player inactivity has been decreased
  •  Increased fame boost buff applied upon return, fame is boosted until back at peak fame.

Changes to Weapons

  • SMGs damage increased by 10%
  • SGs dispersion increased - depending on the weapon (up to 35%)
  • AR PZ-487 Barramundi base damage decreased from 16 to 15

Bugfixes and Improvements

  • Vivox Voice Chat Integration re-enabled on select devices
  • Improved security and cheat detection
  • Guildchat no longer shows collected ammo and uncommon items
  • Stairs in the Voltaic Fist fully walkable. This time for real. 
  • Player has a correct amount of ammo at the start of the match or mission, perks are included
  • Link-out from in-game mail
  • VIP Casino entrance conditions reworked
  • Lucky wheel visual bug fixed
  • Countdown number stuck on crosshair in CTF fixed
  • No longer possible to get stuck below jump pads in CTF
  • Arena or Dungeon being closed immediately after a boss kill fixed

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