Dec 6, 2019

1.0.2 Update Notes

Shadowgun Legends 1.0.2 update release is coming! What's inside?

Get the update at


 - NEW story-driven PVE adventure campaigns

 - NEW in-game event currency and vendor with unique weapons and gear

 - Updated casino wheel prizes, with increased chances to win top prizes

 - Now supporting Xbox and PS4 controllers on iOS and Android

Plus many community reported bug fixes!

 - tvOS support re-enabled [57563, 56084]

 - ROG phone should no longer crash when disconnecting second display [57457]

 - Vivox Voice Chat Integration re-enabled on iOS [54094]

 - Playing embedded Youtube video in-game now works as expected [57235]

 - Issue where play button missing on some Android 10 devices is fixed [56615]

 - Claiming Hot Streak reward at Hakim's no longer crashes the game [44400]

 - Players can again access the menu screen after dying in dungeon [47638]

 - Player no longer continues shooting after an enemy moves out of sight In PVP [50828]

 - Guild chat no longer auto-scrolls to the bottom when a new message is received [50900]

 - Welcome Back screen shows correct rank after playing co-op on all levels [52903]

 - "Old account found" pop-up now shows correct rank player rank [53433]

 - Guild feature now unlocks at the correct rank as shown on Road To Legend [55520]

 - Player doesn’t get stuck when calling dropship if they die at "mission objective complete" [55878]

 - The game now properly prefills default new character name [55900]

 - Side quests counter now shows correct numbers [56176]

 - Enemies can no longer push players through colliders [56277]

 - Ninja, Potion Sticker, Portuguese flag, and Scottish flag now fixed on all devices [56717]

 - Gruntface Hat now has correct icon [57193]

 - The game no longer crashes when a player tries to customize the layout with Xbox controller [57202]

 - Player no longer gets stuck in loading loop when switching the server [57240]

 - Players should no longer fall through the map when walking towards the bevelled walkable platform [57630]

 - Ammo counter no longer resets after being revived [57519]

 - Players should no longer get stuck in Blade Dancer Dungeon [57270]

 - Bluetooth headphones should work as expected now [57241]

 - Updated default sensitivity values in settings

 - Timer no longer displayed as stopped when it should be running [56581]

 - Player can switch weapons again even if the shooting animation is running [57100]