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Aug 20, 2018

Shadowgun War Games revealed!

Competitive PvP will come with Shadowgun War Games, new title from MADFINGER Games

The arena is filled to the roof. The fans are going wild. From the depths of the stadium two teams of five enter the field. Legendary Shadowgun heroes are getting ready for the fight, and the whole galaxy is watching. Welcome to Shadowgun War Games, the new mobile esports title from indie studio MADFINGER Games.

“We believe in mobile esports. We have been inspired by the best competitive titles, and we are thrilled to show the world our new game featuring 5v5 PvP, and an incredibly smooth 90 FPS gaming experience,” said Marek Rabas, CEO and Game Director of MADFINGER Games. ”We are taking the best from classic tactical and hero based shooters and mixing it with our unique style.”

In War Games the player jumps straight into battle as a hero from the Shadowgun Legends Universe. Each hero has a unique set of weapons and skills, and team cooperation is essential for success. The first person shooter sets teams of five against each other as they try to capture their opponents’ flag.

The game features lag-free 60 FPS, and runs up to an insane 90 FPS on supported devices such as the new ASUS ROG phone. This graphical power combined with the smoothest and most intuitive controls on the market gives pro gamers everything they need.

On Saturday 25th of August at gamescom in Cologne, Germany, fans can experience the game for the first time. MADFINGER Games will be hosting their inaugural Shadowgun War Games tournament on the ESL stage. The competition will showcase the game’s PC-quality spectator mode, featuring incredibly sharp graphics on the big screen. Visitors can also get their hands on the game at booth B-057 in Hall 9.1.

Shadowgun War Games will be open for beta testing later this year with a global launch slated for 2019 on both Android and iOS. You can pre-register at: ShadowgunWarGames.com


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