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Jul 11, 2019

The Return of Captain Blueballs

The dread pirate Blueballs started out as a placeholder text for a weapon in Shadowgun Legends. Now he’s got his very own summer event and comic strip!

After his lowkey beginnings in a description for the Chandra SMG, the pirate found his way into an early Genesys event, The Hunt for Blueballs’ Treasure.

I originally suggested that he should look like Rik Mayall’s Lord Flashheart from Blackadder II, and if you squint very hard you can still see Mayall’s likeness in this original artwork:

Now he has a much cleaner, spruced up look for the latest event, The Return of Captain Blueballs:


Ever wonder how we create our awesome 3D artwork for Shadowgun Legends events? Well, you’re in luck — stayed tuned for the next “Behind the Scenes” article where we reveal all!


The Return of Captain Blueballs

Legendary Captain Blueballs is back!

Jul 11, 2019
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