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Feb 23, 2018

Update 0.3.0 Update Notes

The last big update before next month’s worldwide release is out! Here is what we’ve fixed and added...

New Content

  • Guilds - Create your own guild and hunt for fame with your friends
  • Friends - Befriend other Shadowguns and add them to your friend list
  • Alco-traz jail revealed
  • Hub tutorial added for easier orientation of new players
  • Nitro, the new excentric NPC has been added for PvP matchmaking
  • Auto-Equip feature added
  • Power Rating: Represents overall power value of your equipped gear


  • New look and sound of the Hub
  • Cooler mission rewards added
  • Suicide causes point and fame reduction in PvP
  • Fame reward for assists in PvP added
  • First campaign mission and first side quest overhaul
  • Flow of first missions improved
  • More in depth character creation added
  • More informative loading screens
  • Discover new cosmetics
  • Improved flow of initial missions
  • New Medals to unlock added!
  • Social Wheel unlocking earlier, with new chat options.
  • Rocket Launchers split to Rocket Launchers and Multi-Rocket Launchers based on their behaviour


  • Weapon accuracy boost while aiming through iron sight is now separated by weapon type:
  • Assault Rifles
  • Auto Rifle + 15% accuracy bonus
  • Burst Rifle + 20% accuracy bonus
  • Machine Guns + 10% accuracy bonus
  • Pistols + 10% accuracy bonus
  • Rocket Launchers
  • Rocket Launcher + 10% accuracy bonus
  • Multi-rocket Launcher + 50% accuracy bonus
  • Shotguns + 5% accuracy bonus
  • Submachine Guns + 15% accuracy bonus
  • Sniper Rifles + 50% accuracy bonus

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug with white weapons/weapon parts
  • Game now correctly auto-detects optimal performance preset for Apple iPhone X & Apple iPhone 8
  • Optimized performance of muzzle flash effects
  • Fixed bug where Buffs were not working in PvP
  • Fixed bug where Perk bonuses were not working in PvP
  • Fixed bug where player got killed in PvP match starting screen before the match started
  • Fixed bug where player did not get kill accounted in PvP when he killed someone after death
  • Fixed bug where skills cooldown reset after reconnecting back to Ascendancy match
  • Fixed bug where skills cooldowns reset after respawning at checkpoint in PvE mission
  • Fixed bug when player was spawned in a closed teleporter in the Blade Dancer dungeon
  • Fixed synchronization of enemies in Voltaic Fist & Blade Dancer dungeons
  • Fixed bug where melee enemies didn’t hit the player if he/she was standing in the elevator shaft in Blade Dancer dungeon
  • Improved mapping of major game controllers
  • Fixed bug when player could block himself/herself in the A Frosty Welcomemission
  • Fixed bug when player could block himself/herself in mission when killing a high-value target too quickly
  • Fixed bug when player could block himself/herself in mission when destroying power pods in specific order
  • Fixed bug when enemies behind closed door prevented player from finishing the mission
  • Fixed bug when Sergeant Shielder could attack player through closed door
  • Fixed bug when player could be killed multiple times while standing in Survival Kit’s healing area
  • Fixed bug where landing dropship could push player out of the map
  • Patched up places where players could get out of the map
  • Fixed bug when repeated using of in-game button caused spawning of enemies
  • Reduced occlusion culling issues when using Sit emote next to walls, doors, etc.
  • Fixed bug when player’s leg got stuck in the air when changing weapons before Sparta Kick was triggered
  • Fixed bug when weapon disappeared when opening a chest while in Sit emote
  • Fixed bug when activated interaction menu stopped working when going from HUB to bar
  • Fixed bug where sniper could aim and shoot through wall
  • Fixed bug where multiplayer queue message collided with buff message
  • Fixed bug where enemies were diving into the terrain
  • Correct Hunter Mine damage description text
  • Corrected Rocket Man damage description text
  • Corrected weapon type of Sybadyne weapon
  • Corrected description of PZ-120 Ramses I
  • Dozens of other fixes and improvements

Thank you for your help and please, let us know what you think. #WeListen