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Mar 16, 2018

Update 0.4.0 Update Notes

Final Beta update is here with a bunch of new features

New content

  • New hub location - Casino - with slot machines, lucky wheel and a new vendor, Shakey
  • Epic and Legendary gear introduced
  • New multiplayer Arena mode added with bronze and silver ranking
  • New PvP arena “Snowdump” introduced
  • 6 new active and 6 passive skills added
  • Squads added for PvP and COOP
  • New Ascendancy Medal, two new Arena Medals, new Secret Medal
  • All Hub NPC’s now have a voiceover
  • New buffs added to the Casino
  • Fame Hunter missions added to Hakim
  • Nitro is now running the Wargames where you’ll find all the PVP and COOP modes
  • New game intro added to the game
  • New enemy, Shark introduced
  • 11 new missions beyond rank 20 and countless operations spread over 3 new locations


  • Features are unlocked at earlier levels
  • Dungeons reset difficulty at rank 20, becoming more challenging and rewarding
  • Improved loading screens
  • Spark renamed to Nitro
  • Hakim’s den got a visual upgrade
  • Secondary Ammo crate resupply time increased to 120 seconds
  • Skills are not charged when the match starts
  • Newly requirement to unlock and upgrade skill is item power instead of rthenk of your character
  • Proximity Stun skill will only prevent movement when used on an enemy player in PvP; PvE functionality stays the same
  • Proximity Stun skill cooldown reduced to 60s on first level and goes down to 40s on the maximum level
  • Blade enemy behaviour improved, to increase the threat level
  • Blade enemy HP increased slightly
  • Shielder enemy behaviour improved to allow easier kill
  • Shielder enemy HP decreased significantly
  • Visual tweaks of Money Bomb
  • Haptic feedback introduced
  • All the skills were reset and can be re-distributed; all the invested soft currency was given back
  • Gear perks are now visible even before player unlocks them
  • Player receives XP for PvP from rank 20

Bug Fixes

  • Game crashes significantly limited
  • Fixed issue where game was crashing while using sit emote in PvP
  • Fixed performance issues caused by browsing in inventory
  • Fixed issue where game was crashing during a boss fight in Epic 10
  • Fixed issue where game crashed after players tried to join Duel after visiting Pub
  • Fixed issue where game crashed after loading into hub
  • Fixed issue where key chests were dropping in dungeons in situations where they should not
  • Fixed issue where game was crashing after claiming rewards for mission The Phantom Signal
  • Fixed issue where game was crashing while naming a new Shadowgun And many other fixes and tweaks. What do you think? Let us know! #WeListen