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Mar 30, 2018

Shadowgun Legends Update 0.4.3 Update Notes

A small update has just been released. We really appreciate all the feedback that you sent us. Here is the list of new features improvements and bugfixes done, with more coming in the future.

New Feature

  • You can earn free gold now! Added rewarded videos, collect your gold by clicking on button in HUD.


  • Friends and Squad screens were improved and tweaked.
  • Added proper warning dialogs when the players was kicked from squad and when the squad is empty.
  • Improvements of squad texts.
  • Joining the duel via invitation is no longer possible when the player is in the squad. Player has to leave the squad before accepting the challenge.
  • Changed visual of squad members and online friends in menu shortcuts.
  • Gamepads have now unified controls for hub gameplay.
  • Improvement of revive invulnerability. Both players have short time invulnerability after revive is done.
  • Added player ping information. If the ping is too high, player will see the number and warning in HUD.
  • Rank in Co-Op and Arena is now based on the rank of the highest ranked player.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed high priority bug where players were not receiving any loot from chests in Arena.
  • Fixed issue, which caused players not being able to reload in PVP match.
  • Fixed issue causing that player was not able to finish Heavy metal hunter mission after being stuck in elevator.
  • Fixed an issue with animation synchronization in certain situations.
  • Money Bomb bug fixed. Bomb can now be thrown anywhere.
  • Fixed issue, where squad invites were going to player twice if both players are at the same hub.
  • Fix game break when accounts authentication failed due to incorrect verification (or out of date verification)
  • Fixed issue where slot machine of other player showed invalid winnings.
  • Fixed issue, which caused player with gamepad being stuck on account selection screen.
  • Fixed issues with PS4 Dual-Shock controller for Android.
  • Fixed issue, when chat message notifications were shown incorrectly under certain circumstances.
  • Player rank is shown correctly in PvP on the nameplate.

And many other fixes and tweaks.

Let us know what you think. #WeListen