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May 17, 2018

Update 0.4.5. Update Notes

We have pushed out a small but super important update in preparation for the release of May content update. 0.4.5. consists of bug fixes that we felt needed addressing while we still work on polishing the new content for 0.5.0. which is still coming in May as planned.

  • Fixed an issue where large amount of objects being generated could cause disconnects and high ping
  • Fixed a crash that happened when transitioning between Hub and Bar
  • Fixed a bug where throwing a grenade in certain situations caused that player was not able to sprint, reload a weapon or throw another grenade
  • Fixed a bug where player could sometimes get stuck in portrait mode after death
  • Reviving team mate in PvP does not make player invulnerable anymore

Thank you for all of your feedback and patience everyone! We will be back with 0.5.0. before the month ends!