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May 25, 2018

Brother of Fire Update is here!

Awesome news, Shadowguns! Content filled update ‘Brothers of Fire’ is going to hit the stores on Wednesday. Here is all we have prepared for you!

New Features

  • Join forces in Co-Op and play over 150 missions together, with more to come in the future
  • Revisit all Epic and Side quests in Daily missions, get unique rewards. Unlocks at Rank 20
  • Become a famous guide at Rank 15 and help new recruits through their missions. Fame is waiting
  • Introducing Music emotes - build a band with unique musical emotes
  • Completely reworked Squads , now with Voice chat support
  • Jail is now open and Hub security won’t tolerate your drunken behavior. Get sober, get out or face the charges!
  • Road to Legend reveals what is awaiting you further in the game
  • Support for streaming and video capture via YouTube, Mobcrush and others

New Content

  • New Dungeon “Brothers of Fire” opens at Rank 5
  • New Dungeon “Hive Mind” opens at Rank 20
  • New Duel map “Jungle Lab” introduced
  • Two new Legendary armor sets Basilisk and Invictus added
  • New Legendary weapon Project Embra added, together with brand new Epic weapons
  • Four new tombstones added - Elite monument, I Got Reaped, Skull Wings and Battlefield Cross
  • New cosmetic set inspired by the Egyptian God Horus


  • Squad improvements
  • Play single player even when in a Squad and chat with friends
  • Voting on matches with other squadmates.
  • Invite others to join your squad directly from a mission
  • Messaging inside squad improved
  • Matchmaking improved. Players are now matched faster, primarily based on their rank, secondary or kill/death ratio
  • Maps of planets improved - see all mission and campaign progress more clearly
  • Experience points are now awarded for all combat activities
  • Covers in Ascendancy version of “Snowdump” PvP are now more balanced
  • Interactions in missions now activated by tap (chest, switches, hacking…)
  • Puzzle in “The Voltaic Fist” dungeon improved. The Dungeon itself now opens at Rank 10
  • Puzzle symbols in “The Blade Dancer” Dungeon are now displayed on HUD. The dungeon now opens at Rank 15
  • All Operation missions now have checkpoints
  • New spawn effect added for PvP and PvE, immortality effect in PvE
  • Hub optimizations for players with slow devices
  • Option to select server region
  • Skill reset now available
  • Improved visual of Strongboxes with new opening animation
  • Improved environment particles
  • Improved visuals on billboards in the Hub
  • Improved icons of interactions in the game (weapon chest, revive player, etc.)
  • Balancing of autoshoot, latest version simulates human reactions


  • Fixed issue where master player leaving the Arena caused the rest of squad to be wiped out
  • Fixed issue with ingame chat not working in the Arena
  • Fixed issue that caused wrong picture to be displayed on billboards after player used emotes in the Hub
  • Fixed issue with blurred hit indication numbers
  • Fixed "Increased Damage With Assault Rifles" perk
  • Fixed issue where perk increasing magazine capacity for Assault Rifles was not working
  • Fixed issue where inspecting another player caused inspected player’s gear to show on player’s character
  • Fixed issue where players could, under certain circumstances, kill other Shadowguns in the arena.
  • Fixed issue where Sparta Kick skill was not working in certain situations in PvE
  • Several bug fixes and minor gameplay tweaks in Epics, Sidequests and Operations
  • And many more...

Thank you for your support and help. We couldn’t have done it without you! Keep on kicking a**