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Jun 05, 2018

Update 0.5.1 Update Notes

Great news Legends! We will soon be releasing a new update 0.5.1 with focus on bugfixing.

  • FIXED issue where certain perks caused weapon Fire Rate to decrease with continuous manual fire shooting
  • FIXED issue restricting player from finishing The Hive Mind raid after defeating the boss
  • FIXED iron sight increased damage perk not working properly.
  • FIXED issue causing player to get stuck in time machine in the Hive Mind dungeon
  • FIXED issue where player did not disconnect from voice chat even after leaving the squad
  • FIXED issue causing the game to crash after trying to play Daily Mission Quest
  • FIXED issue causing the game to crash after trying to play the Hive Mind raid
  • FIXED issue causing the game to crash after launching the first mission
  • FIXED issue causing the player to not teleport to final boss in The Voltaic Fist dungeon after opening chest in certain moment
  • FIXED issue where player was not able to get to final boss fight in Hive Mind raid under certain circumstances
  • FIXED issue where player got repeatedly rewarded with medals after getting killed and respawned in mission

… and many other fixes.

Thank you for reporting all the bugs and issues. We really appreciate your help. Let us know what you think and enjoy the game!

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