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Jul 02, 2018

Update 0.5.2 Update Notes

Great news Legends, Shadowgun Legends Update 0.5.2 is here!

In this update we were focusing on improving the game stability and fixing issues around the Fame. You might even notice a change in your Fame as the amount of medals in your collection was re-calculated from the number of ribbons to clean up statistics after previous bugs.

  • FIXED issue with players stuck on the “Leader disconnected” screen
  • FIXED issue causing player to receive additional medals after reconnecting to the game under specific circumstances
  • FIXED issue preventing some players from playing the Hive Mind dungeon
  • FIXED issue causing player to get stuck below the platform in the final stage of the Hive Mind dungeon - player now spawns in the correct place after the revive
  • FIXED issue with unaccessible hacking procedure after another player disconnecting in Hive Mind dungeon
  • FIXED the overpowered gear in PvP caused by incorrect normalization
  • FIXED issue keeping player in Duel after the enemy quit the match - player now returns to the Hub and is now awarded with win
  • FIXED issue causing skipped cooldown on skills in Ascendancy
  • FIXED issues with misbehaving slot machines in Casino - machine is now spinning when gold is spent and players sees interaction buttons even after reconnection
  • FIXED issue with incorrect run-through time displayed after reconnecting back to the Arena or Dungeon
  • FIXED issue where some players did not have any operation mission available which prevented them from progressing in the game
  • FIXED the red screen issue appearing in the Voltaic Fist dungeon

… and many other fixes.

Thank you for reporting all bugs and issues. We really appreciate your help. Let us know what you think and enjoy the game! #WeListen