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Aug 09, 2018

Update 0.6.1 Update Notes

Good news, Legends!

We have released a hotfix patch addressing the biggest issues from the Elimination update. Thank you for your patience, we hope that you will have a smooth experience.

We’ve also added 50 gold to players that were affected by 0.6.0 bugs. This way we want to apologize for those annoying issues, thank you for your patience and enjoy the update!

Fixed issues

  • Slade will no longer ask Shadowguns to play the Incursion mission
  • Game is no longer crashing during weapon inspection
  • Hakim will not ask already sponsored Shadowguns to secure a sponsor contract
  • Invitation for Co-Op can be accepted again
  • Project Embra has a correct description again
  • Shadowguns will again be able to leave the squad queue, even after the leader disconnects
  • Dungeon missions can be completed and claimed at Nitro
  • Legendary items will have 250 power again
  • Shadowguns can accept friend requests again
  • It is no longer possible to use emote and shoot at the same time
  • Shadowguns can now claim their well deserved rewards from the Road to Legend
  • Pedro’s Lucky wheel has been fixed and now rewards items correctly

… and few other bugs.

We are aware of other issues and we are working on fixing them. Let us know what you think about this update! #WeListen