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Sep 25, 2018

Update 0.6.2 Update Notes

Great news Legends,

Update 0.6.2 is here! This time we are happy to announce Weekly Event Madness altogether with many bug fixes you asked for!

We have decided to disable the Hive Mind dungeon until further notice while we are fixing critical issues specific to this mission. The hunt for Legendary gear continues in the Voltaic Fist and Blade Dancer dungeons.


  • Weekly Events - Test your skills and earn unique rewards every week

and earn unique gear and customizations


  • Drop rate of Legendary gear is now more generous
  • Difficulty decreased for Bronze Arena and Blade Dancer raid
  • Improved layout of PvP Duel maps Snowdump and Waterplant
  • Amount of respawns in Elimination mode increased to 20
  • Loading screens now explain what is actually happening

Bug Fixes

  • Players will no longer lose their looted or bought gear after relogging into the game
  • Fixed an issue causing perks to be rerolled after relogging into the game in certain situations
  • Fixed an issue where player was unable to use active skills
  • Fixed an issue where players were exploiting the Arena by leaving early to receive ribbons and consequently getting extra fame
  • Fixed a problem with the game crashing after the player submits feedback with attachments
  • Fixed an issue where player occasionally received no loot in Dungeons
  • The game won’t crash while opening strongboxes anymore
  • Fixed tutorial for claiming the first sponsor contract
  • The Reward Ad machines no longer show different rewards
  • Fixed an issue where inspecting a weapon caused game to crash
  • Skill related medals now show correct requirements
  • Billboards in the Hub are showing the correct texts again
  • Daily Missions now display correct power requirements
  • Infestation missions can be finished again properly
  • Fixed a loophole allowing players to hack sponsor contracts by changing time via 3rd party applications
  • After watching an advertisement, the game is no longer crashing or showing just a black screen
  • Deflector skin skill can be used properly in PvP again
  • Player will no longer get stuck on respawn screen in Ascendancy after using the chat
  • Players can now move again properly after using the AM Bomb skill
  • Tombstones can no longer spawn in inaccessible areas
  • Using wireless headset will no longer cause false controller detection
  • Fixed crash occurring after certain skills are upgraded
  • Advertising for rewards will no longer cause disconnection and has improved showing of rewards
  • Rank 17 cosmetic fixed on the Road to Legend
  • Performance issues in PvP on certain Android devices

…and a wide range of other bug fixes and improvements

Known Issues

We are working hard on fixing these issues, but the work is still in progress.

  • Incorrect layout on some controllers
  • Incursion mission is assigned by Slade even though player already has it in journal
  • Slade's Shitstorm rocket launcher has critical damage perk
  • Game crashes after player hits a jackpot in Casino in certain situations
  • Emergency shield is not working properly in PvP
  • Warm-up time bug

Let us know what you think. #WeListen