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Oct 24, 2018

Update 0.7.0 Update Notes

Good news Shadowguns, 

A huge Shadowgun Legends Update 0.7.0 is here! New Arena, Gear Infusion system, New Epic and Legendary weapons, Halloween event and much more! Here is everything we’ve prepared for you!

New Features

  • Create your ultimate gear with brand new Infusion System
  • Fuse together items to boost the power of your favorite piece
  • Power the process with four new materials dropping in dungeons, all arenas and from disassembled gear
  • The Gold Arena is finally here! Team up against the Torment in the wild action in a beautiful new environment of the famous arena
  • Increased Gear Power up to 270
  • Nitro is opening his own new shop! Collect War Points for PvP and exchange them for exclusive rewards 
  • New additions to the Genesys system with the first showcase during the Halloween event! Enjoy unique rewards and spooky new Hub full of tombstones, pumpkins and candles

New Content

  • New amazing additions to the arsenal
  • Four new Legendary weapons
  • Automatic Rifle Megalodon
  • Machine Gun Revenant
  • Shotgun Singh's Song
  • Submachine Gun Liberator
  • Three new Epic weapons
  • Shotgun Sundowner
  • Sniper Rifle Meltdown
  • Rocket Launcher Dobermann
  • New Epic armor set Phantasm  
  • Six New Cosmetic helmets Skulltron, Lazer Hoplite, Dr. Inconvenience, Terminal Gaze. Pathfinder and Skeletal Grin
  • Haunting New Gear for Halloween 
  • Automatic Rifle Eldritch Reaper
  • Submachine Gun Pazuzu 
  • Sniper Rifle Vampire’s Kiss
  • Scary new Helmet Frag-O’-Lantern
  • Terrifying new Sticker Creepy Brew
  • Eerie new Paint cans Orange October, Purple Phantom and Sinister Spectre
  • Two new Ribbons and Medals from the Gold Arena to your collection.

Fixes and improvements

  • Players will receive Tusken backpack from the Road to Legends as intended
  • The game will no longer disconnect after the Players hits the Jackpot in Casino
  • The Emergency shield is now working properly in the PvP
  • Buttons are no longer overlapping on iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max
  • All Medals are now counted properly based on the number of ribbons
  • Paint can Engarde has now a correct name and description
  • Boss now drops loot even after being killed by a Sentry Gun
  • Bosses can now hit the Player even while using emotes
  • Battle Tech armor and Gunslinger Gun Belt can now be properly colored
  • Medals for the Silver and Bronze Arena have now a different look
  • Fixes issue, where the player received two different Items from one drop in the Silver Arena with exactly same perks
  • Players will no longer get stuck behind the ammo crate in the Silver Arena
  • Slot machine interaction should be correctly displayed for all players

… and other fixes and improvements. Thank you for reporting the issues and being awesome. Enjoy the new update and let us know what you think. #WeListen