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Nov 30, 2018

Shadowgun Legends 0.7.5. Update notes


We are very proud to release Shadowgun Legends 0.7.5! This huge update brings back the long awaited Hive Mind dungeon, introduces new Active Skills, new Quests, new Legendary Weapons, improved difficulty, and superior rewards for your war efforts! Experience all these features in a Winter Holiday themed Hub, and take part in an event that gives all of you a chance to get the Legendary Nebula shotgun!


  • Call-to-action matchmaking - players will now know about upcoming multiplayer matches and will have the ability to join them
  • Unlock three new active Skills and find your ultimate gameplay combination
  • Tackle your enemies with the Blink
  • Search and destroy targets with the Hunter Mine
  • Sneak up on your foes with Invisibility
  • New in-app purchases
  • Gold Supply, giving you gold each day
  • XP Boosters
  • Improved difficulty system to keep the game challenging and enjoyable for all players


  • Finish your Shadowgun training! Unfold the story of Slade’s crew through two new chain quests and get your hands on a Legendary piece of Shadowgun history
  • The Hive Mind is back! Get ready to tackle the time travelling menace again, this time with two brand new legendary weapons:
  • Edestus, new Legendary Assault Rifle
  • Cryonic Scream, new Legendary Sniper Rifle
  • Winter Holiday Event will give you an opportunity to get the powerful Legendary Nebula Shotgun
  • Nitro now offers a brand new Legendary Assault Rifle - Faraday Accelerator
  • New cosmetics:
  • Necrotic Hunter, a unique full body cosmetic based on a fan design
  • Dreadhead cosmetic helmet
  • Many new Winter Holiday Event cosmetics and stickers


  • Loot drop chance in Dungeons and Arenas improved to give out more valuable items after almost every run
  • Inventory for premium players increased to 200 slots
  • Gold Arena enemy spawn points improved
  • Intro cinematic at the start of the game is now skippable
  • Loading times decreased through continuous optimizations
  • War Points are now also earned by playing Duel matches through Nitro


  • Perks now work properly on all items
  • Fixed crash occurred when using a combination of Survival Kit and Supercharger skills
  • Fixed issue where players could not find match when entering matchmaking solo
  • Fixed issue where players got Ribbons just for entering the Bar of War
  • Fixed crash after players closed Nitro’s trade screen
  • Fixed issue preventing players entering the teleport and finishing “A Frosty Welcome” mission
  • Fixed several issues which appeared after the whole squad died in Arena
  • Fixed issue where a full squad of players wanted to enter PvP match and were stuck on loading screen
  • Fixed issue which caused the game to crash while using the “Keyboard Wizard” emote
  • Fixed issue where some enemies were still alive after the end of Arena

And much more…