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Feb 05, 2019

Shadowgun Legends 0.8.0 Update Notes


We’re excited to announce the release of Shadowgun Legends Update 0.8.0, which offers a brand new Capture the Flag PvP mode, game-wide co-op, the latest Legendary weapons, unique emotes, and much more. Check out the full notes below.  


  • New team PvP mode, Capture the Flag
  • Two teams of four compete in this classic multiplayer mode, trying to steal their opponent's flag while defending their own
  • Game-wide co-op, making all missions in the game playable with another Shadowgun
  • An offerwall with new ways to earn Gold


  • Alien Cave - new PvP map for Capture the Flag
  • Five new emotes: Pogo, Rodeo, Chillin', Stingray and Jump Rope
  • Four new legendary weapons
  • Legendary Rocket Launcher Bestie
  • Legendary Machine Gun Pile Driver  
  • Legendary Pistol Spectrum
  • Legendary SMG Wintermute
  • New Xenomorph Cosmetic bundle
  • Secret gear and customizations ready for upcoming events


  • PvP respawn switched to manual allowing player to plan strategy before jumping into battle
  • Layout changes to Duel maps Jungle Lab and Snowdump
  • Improvements of graphic settings, focusing on a smoother experience
  • Duel invitations now work, even when players are not in the same hub
  • Players are now able to revive their teammates and collect ascendancy trophies
  • Fame rewards from skill Ribbons and Medals rebalanced, to reflect player’s efforts better
  • Ribbons and Medals from Emergency Shield are now awarded correctly
  • Hologram decoding fixed, now giving players the correct rewards
  • Guild messages are saved even after the app restarts

… and plenty of other bugfixes.