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Apr 03, 2019

Shadowgun Legends 0.8.4 Update Notes

Hey Shadowguns!

Great news! We have just released update 0.8.4, focused primarily on matchmaking. Together with tons of bug fixes, we are making great progress in improving the overall Shadowgun Legends experience. Thanks for your support. You rock!


  • Name Change option added
  • Players can now change their in-game name. First change is free, any subsequent changes will cost Gold
  • Temporary Squads added
  • Player joining multiplayer activities are automatically put into a temporary squad allowing them to communicate with their teammates
  • New Legendary Machine Gun added, rewarded on Road to Legend after reaching rank 27
  • New Legendary Sniper Rifle Lacroix, dropping in loot lottery after PvP matches
  • New NEO weapons and gear with new color palettes and legendary ranking rewarded for completing Daily Missions
  • Exclusive sticker and hat for Shadowgun DeadZone players introduced


  • Matchmaking Improvements
  • Players can now join ongoing PvP Matches, Dungeons and Arenas
  • Disconnected players are now able to get back into the ongoing match
  • Improved team balancing
  • PvP Pre-Match Phase Improved
  • Time in Pre-Match Phase increased to allow more team communication and ensure low-end devices can load in before the match begins
  • Outlines in PvP were improved
  • Only teammates have outline visible all the time
  • Enemy outlines appear when you aim at them, and disappear shortly after not aiming at them
  • PvP Loot Lottery now has awesome gear for match contestants
  • Item and its rarity depends on players rank with a chance to get legendary weapon
  • Low-end devices optimization
  • Player Rank visualization simplified
  • Players can now reach rank 27 to simplify the end-game progression
  • Road to Legend improvements
  • Players can now find all 27 ranks including new rewards on the Road to Legend
  • Number of GUI improvements
  • Fame-related features fixed
  • All Fame-related activities like paparazzi bots, billboards and the Hub statue have been fixed and work as intended
  • Vendor offers tailored to current player rank
  • Vendor will now offer items based on the immediate player rank and power level
  • Inventory space increased to 300 for premium users
  • Crash rate reduced
  • [KNOWN ISSUE] Players with 1GB iOS devices might experience crashes; we are working on further optimizations


  • Necrotic Bundle clipping issues solved
  • Nitro’s missions can now be turned in
  • Fixed bug where players couldn’t pick up the trophies in Ascendancy
  • Fixed bug where players were not shown on the Hub billboards
  • Guild chat now displays messages chronologically
  • Fixed crash when opening the Free Gold section on iOS devices
  • Fixed crashes on return from Dungeons and Arenas to Hub
  • Empty multiplayer matchmaking queues issue fixed
  • Fixed crash on iOS after several disconnections from Voice Chat
  • The “Send Feedback” button automatically reopening bug has been fixed
  • Bug where players couldn’t access Squad Menu during PVE fixed
  • Fix issue where players couldn’t start a duel with friend if the friend is in a different instance
  • Player is now able to reconnect to the team PvP as intended

...and over 40 other bugs fixed