Aug 30, 2019

Shadowgun Legends 0.9.4 Update Notes


We have just released Update 0.9.4 adding long-awaited changes to the CTF map, awesome new gear, and cosmetics prepared for future events and sales, together with important bugfixes.


  • Each spawn point on the CTF map Alien Cave now has two exits
  • Skill notification now disappears after tapping it, shows up again after a longer time
  • Description of weapon stats is now more precise
  • Accuracy = distance in meters where the weapon hits the target reliably
  • Range = maximum distance in meters that projectile can travel 
  • New Cosmetics, Emotes and Bundles waiting to be introduced in upcoming weeks
  • XP awarded for killing bosses in Dungeons and Arenas increased significantly
  • Technical support for ASUS ROG Phone II features


  • Items from two identical Premium Bundles no longer have the same perks
  • Players are no longer left at the Hub after the squad is matched into Team PvP under certain conditions
  • Confusing look of the "Hi!" emote was fixed

See you in the game!

Your MFG Team


1.0.2 Update Notes

1.0.2 Update Notes

Dec 06, 2019
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A Paradise for Science: MFG supports the Czech Antarctic Foundation

Last week MADFINGER Games launched a special event in Shadowgun Legends to support the Czech Antarctic Foundation. Like many people, I know that research in Antarctica has some connection to climate change…but how exactly? I visited Dr Pavel Kapler, manager of the Czech Antarctic Program, to find out about their work and life at the bottom of the planet…

Dec 04, 2019
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