MADFINGER GAMES PRESENTS MONZO! Our brand new project based on virtual models kits coming to take hearts and minds of gamers of all ages! Our brand new project based on virtual models kits coming to take hearts and minds of gamers of all ages! Visit official website.
AND THE WINNER FOR BEST APP EVER IS - DEAD TRIGGER 2 MADFINGER Games proudly announces, that Dead Trigger 2 game won 6th Annual Awards for Best App Ever, Most Innovative App and Most Innovative Game for Android with millions of votes cast by users across the world. We sincerely thank to all of our voters! We competed with many great and brilliant titles in Mobile Gaming. Check out Best App Ever Awards feature!
DEAD TRIGGER 2 - TOURNAMENT UPDATE - Huge update is coming with unique tournaments under custom rules for awesome prize, golds and money. There's lots of bloody fun in new Purgatory Arena with bizarre traps like Impaling Spikes and Gallows Ropes. Finally, new guns are ready to improve killing style. Check it out!
AND THE WINNER IS...DEAD TRIGGER 2! We are happy to announce that DEAD TRIGGER 2 is the best action game of The 6th Annual iOS Best App Ever Awards. We competed with many great and brilliant titles in Mobile Gaming. For this year, Best App Ever Awards received over 5 million votes. The Best App Ever Awards contest was created to help bring attention to the favorite apps and games of the fans of iOS and Android devices, not the best selling. Check out the iOS Best App Ever Awards of 2014 feature!
DEAD TRIGGER 2 - ARENA UPDATE - Dead Trigger 2 brings a brand new update with the Arena of Death – a new way to deal with zombies. Gamers can now make money, earn rewards and kill zombies with no remorse in the Arena of Death. All of these fun elements get an additional boost from T.N.T. – the wicked brain in the flying can – a gameshow presenter with a sick sense of humor and bankrupt. Killing has never been more fun! There is more new game content as well - new environments, new zombies, lucky boxes, traps and also new Warfare. Download Dead Trigger 2 from Google Play, App Store or play on Facebook now!
MUSIC SOUNDS BETTER WITH MADFINGER GAMES! From now, original soundtrack of Dead Trigger 2 can be downloaded directly from our website for free! Stay in the mood of worldwide apocalypse, listen and upgrade your multimedia devices with music of your favorite game. You can also download our earlier soundtracks of Dead Trigger, Shadowgun and Samurai II: Vengeance. Enjoy!
ARENA UPDATE - TEASER VIDEO - Ladies and gentlemen, you wanted it, so here it is! Arena of Death is coming soon to Dead Trigger 2! Watch teaser!
DEAD TRIGGER 2 - So this is it. A wide group of zombie hunters who don’t have an Android or iOS device are now able to get to work and erase the zombie plague from Earth by all means necessary. All gamers with mobile devices are now welcome to enjoy the big screen experience of the best looking game on Facebook. PLAY ON FACEBOOK NOW!
DEAD TRIGGER 2 - Update 0.4.0 for Dead Trigger 2 is finnaly out! You can now download it from Google Play or iTunes.
We have just released new Shadowgun: Deadzone update with a lot of buxfixes and tweaks. Join the battle and enjoy the game! Details here!
DEAD TRIGGER 2 - Go for iOS update now! Details on the official website!
DEAD TRIGGER 2 - The award-winning stunning first person zombie shooter is back! Dead Trigger 2 has been released on iTunes and Google Play! Enjoy the game! Visit the official website!
DEAD TRIGGER 2 - Your journey to save the world begins on 23rd OCTOBER! Get ready, share and spread this hot news to your friends. World will need you all! Watch the Opening Cutscene
Shadowgun: Deadzone is finally available now on MAC! Join the battle and download the game from iTunes
Shadowgun: DeadZone is now available on Facebook and for your PC! What's the best? You can keep your present account and continue playing with your rank, gold, money and bought items! Play Facebook version or download PC version! (Mac version is coming in next days) Have a fun!
New official Shadowgun: Deadzone website has been launched! Visit this awesome website here!
Dead Trigger 2 was announced ! Check out official press release for more information.
SHADOWGUN: DeadZone has been RELEASED for iOS & Android !!!
Have you seen these great videos from Unite 2012? We especially recommend you watch "Unity Awards 2012" video with two DEAD TRIGGER wins. Our winning categories start about at 8:45 & 23:00. Thank you again for Community Choice Award!
Let's make a deal... if Shadowgun wins the Best Mobile / Tablet Award at Golden Joystick Awards 2012, we will make the game ON SALE (Android & iOS)! So don't hesitate and vote for us, thank you!
Do you want play Samurai II: Vengeance on your PC? Then look at this great The Green Light Bundle! If you will pay at least $5, you get 8 games including Samurai II: Vengeance. This offer is available for two week from now, so don't hesitate!
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"#Monzo is awesome, MADFINGER Games can make other things than zombies," says Otakar Schön from big Czech business medi...
2014-08-13 14:00:38
Are you at #gamescom2014? Meet our team at Unity Booth (Hall 4.1, B030)! We will show you some #Monzo gameplay W...
2014-08-13 11:18:33
We are proud that we can show you our next project - MONZO!Brand new project based on virtual models kits coming ...
2014-08-03 17:00:43
Tournament will end soon. Want to win iPad or packs of Gold? You have the last chance!
2014-08-03 09:48:05
Which color of the iPad Mini should the winner of the Dead Trigger 2 Tournament get? Black or White?
2014-08-02 15:25:20
Smashing zombies in the Tournament right now! What about you? :)
2014-08-28 08:54:46
Mayhem Tournament is coming! Joinit during this weekend and win $500,000 in-game cash...
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@DiamondViki Could you please contact us via email
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@geral77 We apologize but we are not planning to release our games on Windows Phone now. Thank you for your under...
2014-08-26 08:05:09
@MarioERivas what hapens when you try to play the Enjoy Your Stay mission?
2014-08-26 07:43:10
@MedoMax2x2 you need to pay the gold fee to reset the trees, then you'll receive money/gold for the weapons/upgra...
2014-08-26 06:35:31
@HandyLim_98 then purchase any other hat for gold, no?
2014-08-25 14:53:27
Follow our friends! ;) @WarhorseStudios: @spacejunker @hypmag @KeenSWH @MingleGames <...
2014-08-25 14:31:10
Watch the Monzo Hands-On by @appspy!https://t.co/KxbspkzS6M
2014-08-25 11:51:47
@ConnorDoesMC1 Fine, thank you! How about you?
2014-08-25 11:42:36
@PeppeImbro We apologize but we are not planning to release our games on Windows Phone now. Thank you for your un...
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@RINGbroLeader Hello, we apologize but we are not planning to release our games on PSVita now. Thank you for your...
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@VikaEspinosa We might need some more information so please contact our Support Team
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@josece11 If you experience problems with your game, please contact our Support Team
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@DiamondViki Please contact our Support Team with this issue
2014-08-25 11:14:52
@nordman_josh We are aware of this situation and we will take care of them as soon as possible.
2014-08-20 07:13:42
@xbox360sucks123 Currently the guns are available in the Store and it is yet unknown when this might change.
2014-08-20 07:13:06
@ChaoticQube Unfortunately the game does requires a stable network connection for the Global Warfare, Arena and T...
2014-08-20 07:12:10
@Cmo53 That is up to you to decide. It depends on whether you want to be the very best, like no one ever was.
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