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MADFINGER Games a.s.


open positions

Why work with us?

MADFINGER Games is all about creating the best games for mobile devices. We are super passionate about what we do and are looking for people that share the same passion for their work...and like to have fun while doing it! We offer a vibrant, inspiring environment in a team full of game enthusiasts and a one-of-a-kind “punk” atmosphere that thrives on creativity. You don’t have to be MAD to join us, but it certainly can’t hurt.

What’s best about MADFINGER? That it’s an indie company! Everyone has a voice and can make an impact. Creativity reigns supreme and unconventional ideas are not turned down but celebrated. It’s a bit of a cliché, but it truly feels like family over here. Sure, it has its ups and downs (like every family), but in the end, it’s just everybody doing what they love and creating something special.


Living in Brno!

Brno is a really small city but with a lot to offer. You can enjoy great architecture, safe neighborhoods, constant events and more beer than you can possibly imagine! We at MADFINGER Games will do everything in our power to help you settle in.