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Shadowgun Legends 0.9.3 Update Notes

We have just released technical update 0.9.3 focusing on reducing number of...

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Choppy’s Incredible Adventures: Chef of Death — Part Three

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the final instalment!

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Choppy’s Incredible Adventures: Chef of Death — Part Two

Only the terrifying Ovenator stands between Choppy and the Chef of...

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Choppy's Incredible Adventures: Chef of Death - Part 1

Choppy may look pretty chilled out, but you wouldn’t like him in Kill...

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MFG Supporting the Underdog

People are crazy about dogs in the Czech Republic, so there was no...

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How to Create a 3D Event Photo

Marketing Graphic Artist Marek Budík gives a step-by-step guide to...

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The Return of Captain Blueballs

Legendary Captain Blueballs is back!

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Dead Trigger 2 Update 1.6.0

The Summer Heat Update is out. New stuff and a new event.

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Writing Characters for SGL (Part 2)

As a Narrative Designer, one of my most rewarding challenges was bringing our...

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Shadowgun Legends 0.9.1 Update Notes

Shadowgun Legends 0.9.1 update has been released to address some of issues...

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Shadowgun Legends 0.9.0. Update Notes

Everything about the update 0.9.0

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Changes coming to Shadowgun Legends

Update 0.9.0 is coming next week, so we’d like to share some important...

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Creating MFG's new website

It’s not a sculpture or a building, it’s a living thing...

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From QA to Character Art

Introducing Michal Maršálek, our new Junior Character Artist.

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And The Award Goes To…

It’s official: SGL is Google’s Most Beautiful Game...

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Movie References in SGL

SGL is packed with film references. Some that you might not expect to...

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Cheating Sucks

Cheating in video games has hit the headlines again, as a...

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Writing Characters for SGL

Narrative Designer Lee Adams talks about writing NPCs for Shadowgun...