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Jun 4, 2020

War Games Update 0.2.1

0.2.1 update is here! We fixed a lot of bugs:

- Fixed issue when player could not buy credits after logging in Google account after removing all accounts from the device

- Fixed connection error "Invalid Player Data" when starting match

- Fixed issue when player could not get back into Ranked match after disconnecting

- Fixed connection issues when player loose connection and reconnect back

- Fixed crash after tapping on Division screen when Ranked matches are not unlocked yet

- Fixed crash when viewing player progress

- Fixed crash at match summary screen

- Fixed crash at hero selection screen

- Fixed crash at Scoreboard screen

- Fixed network error appearing sometimes when you create new profile

- Fixed issue when some players are not visible on Victory Podium or doing wrong pose

- Fixed issue with weapons not reloading correctly

- Fixed issue with Triple Slash ability not working correctly on Zone Control map

- Fixed crash which players sometimes experienced after reloading weapon

- Fixed issue when auto-fire indicator got stuck on the cross-hair

- Season 2 video crop is fixed

- Level 101 appearing in some cases is removed

Thank you for your feedback and see you on the battlefield!

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