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Aug 05, 2019

MFG Supporting the Underdog

MFG Supporting the Underdog

by Lee Adams

People are crazy about dogs in the Czech Republic, so there was no way the Team was going to pass up the chance to help a local animal shelter…

A dog

Last week, our QA Lead Lukáš Vranák arranged a collection at the MFG office for the Interpespenzion animal shelter here in Brno. “I used to take stuff to those guys whenever I could a few years back, taking in food, blankets and treats. Then I visited again recently when my mum adopted a new dog after hers passed away, and was inspired to help them out.”

The shelter has a long and remarkable history of caring for animals who are lost or without a home. Founded in 1989, it is one of the oldest in the Czech Republic. Unlike many other animal shelters in Brno, it receives no money from the city and relies entirely on contributions from individuals and businesses for survival.

“When you arrive at the place it’s all quiet, but then as soon as the dogs see you they start barking like mad, just really wanting to get your attention. It’s sad, but you can see how well the animals are cared for. They do a really good job there.”

A goat

Interpespenzion cares for all types of creatures, from cats and dogs to snakes and badgers, and according to their website over 18,000 animals have passed through their doors since they first opened almost 30 years ago. Most reassuringly, a large majority of their guests either return home to their original owners or find a place to live with a new family.

Lukáš arranged a collection at the MFG Studio and raised enough money to buy two huge trolleys worth of food and treats, which was gratefully received by the Interpespenzion owners and their residents.

Scott Bowen, our Project Manager, also got involved with the fundraising activity: “Lukáš knows I’m a big dog lover so he asked me to help drum up some support in the studio. It was great to see how many people came forward. It was an interesting visit to the shelter because I’m hoping to adopt a dog in the near future. The place looks a bit rough around the edges but the important thing is that they put the money into looking after the animals, and all the dogs there seemed very happy.”

After the success of this fundraiser, Lukáš and Scott are planning a regular MFG collection, starting with World Animal Day on October 4th.

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