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Sep 17, 2020

Shadowgun War Games Update 0.3.0 - Rebellion

Hello Champions!

The long awaited social features that bring the experience to a whole new level are finally here! Gather your friends, create a party and communicate your tactics on the battlefield! Be the first to unlock a new Hero and dominate your enemies in a brand new and intricate map - Saffron Industries! Make sure to get a brand new Battle Pass containing new awesome skins, emotes and more. All this and much more awaits you in Season 3: Rebellion of Shadowgun War Games!

New Features

  • Friend system: Add friends from all over the world!
  • Party: Create a party and crush your enemies together!
  • Text Chat: Talk with your party, friends or on global chat!
  • Voice Chat: Quickly communicate with your party during action-packed matches!

New Content

  • BIG RED: A new hero with tons of health, armed with a grenade launcher and his trusty automated turret, he’s able to knock an entire enemy team down with a powerful shockwave
  • SAFFRON INDUSTRIES: A new intricate map with a large open main street full of sniping opportunities and narrow side alleys perfect for close-quarters combat
  • New SGWG Championship Season: Rise through the Divisions and become a Champion
  • New Battle Pass Season with more than 100 great rewards
  • New Emoji: Express how you feel in a blink of an eye during the match
  • Jump pads added to all maps, creating many more tactical and maneuvering possibilities


  • New elevated sniper spots in Tharsis Outpost and Space Paradise, adding more verticality to combat encounters and providing ample positioning and flanking opportunities
  • Lock-on autofire for Willow’s sniper rifle, SARA’s rocket launcher and Big Red’s grenade launcher hugely improved
  • Improved error messages to make them more understandable
  • Improved first time user experience
  • The challenge screen at the end of the match now loads instantly to save precious time
  • Links for official Shadowgun War Games sites: Join the community around the world! Simply go to Settings → About and join our official Facebook page, Instagram, Discord or Twitter!

Balance changes


  • HP increased to 160
  • Primary weapon damage decreased by 10%
  • Secondary weapon damage increased by 15%
  • GRENADE cooldown decreased to 10s
  • HP regained when using MEDKIT increased to 100
  • MEDKIT cooldown decreased to 20s
  • Time to heal when using MEDKIT decreased to 1.5s


  • HP increased to 140
  • Primary weapon damage increased by 30%
  • Secondary weapon fire rate decreased by 15%
  • HP regained when using HEALING BLAST increased to 200
  • HEALING BLAST cooldown decreased to 20s
  • Time to heal when using HEALING BLAST increased to 8s
  • PROTECTION DOME cooldown decreased to 25s


  • HP increased to 100
  • BLINK cooldown decreased to 8s
  • TIME RIFT cooldown decreased to 25s
  • TIME RIFT now greatly boosts movement speed


  • HP increased to 300
  • Primary weapon damage decreased by 10%
  • Primary weapon fire rate decreased by 10%
  • Secondary weapon damage increased by 30%
  • Secondary weapon projectile speed decreased by 30%
  • INNER RAGE skill changed to STONE SKIN, granting the player invincibility at the cost of lower movement speed
  • STONE SKIN cooldown decreased to 20s
  • STONE SKIN duration decreased to 3s
  • STONE SKIN damage reduction increased to 100%
  • Movement speed when using STONE SKIN reduced by 20%
  • ROAR slow effect changed to stun
  • ROAR cooldown decreased to 20s
  • ROAR stun duration decreased to 2s


  • HP increased to 100
  • Primary Weapon damage increased by 15%
  • Primary Weapon fire rate decreased by 20%
  • SUPERCHARGE cooldown decreased to 20s
  • FLASH MINE cooldown decreased to 15s


  • HP increased to 100
  • Secondary weapon damage decreased by 5%
  • TRIPLE SLASH damage increased by 150% (from original value
  • TRIPLE SLASH cooldown decreased to 12s
  • TRIPLE SLASH range decreased by 30%
  • TECH JAMMER is now throwable
  • TECH JAMMER cooldown decreased to 15s

Bug Fixes

  • Weapon hit registration dramatically improved
  • Slade’s weapon should no longer appear in his hand during the Salute victory pose
  • You are no longer able to shoot through some walls on Space Paradise 
  • Explosions now deal correct damage to SARA’s Protection Dome
  • Fixed various issues with reconnection
  • Various fixes leading to improved stability
  • Several technical fixes and quality of life improvements!
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