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Jun 4, 2020

War Games Update 0.2.0

Player Rank and Battle Pass progress were reset in Season 2. Player Rank reset to allow for faster Battle Pass progression. The players can claim a Rank Up Challenge every time they reach a new Rank, which rewards them with Battle Points. Without the reset, the players at higher Ranks from Season 1 would be put into a disadvantage, since much more XP is needed to reach the next Rank.

Features and Content

  • New exciting game mode - Zone Control!
  • New awesome Hero: Daisuke, the blade of the night
  • New Ranked game mode
  • 5 Basic Divisions, each Division having 3 Tiers
  • Championship Splits - mini-tournaments for cool awards
  • Leaving an active Ranked match will lead to you losing Division points and being temporarily banned from playing Ranked matches
  • (Time penalization for leaving Ranked matches was temporarily decreased from 15 minutes to 5 minutes)
  • New intricate map: Tharsis Outpost
  • Brand new 100-tier Battle Pass, featuring cool rewards like the SARA Archangel and Daisuke Samurai skins
  • Sprays - express yourself in a whole new way
  • New challenges - for Zone Control and more

Changes and Improvements

  • Revisited First Time User Experience and Cleaner Graphical User Interface
  • Increased speed of all characters
  • Weapon balances
  • Willow health was slightly increased
  • Willow - Flash Mine improvements (arrow indicating its location, skill icon indicating its position), visual indication of blindness on affected heroes
  • Flash Mine, Tech Jammer - health bars are visible on enemy gadgets on aim, health bars are also visible if you are the owner the gadget
  • Team Deathmatch kills needed to win the match increased from 20 to 30
  • Zone Control points needed to win the match were set to 100 (originally intended 150)

**If you are playing on multiple devices, please make sure that before you have updated the game on all your devices before playing!**

Thank you and see you on the battlefield!

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