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Jun 11, 2020

War Games Update 0.2.2

0.2.2 update is here!

We fixed a lot of bugs:

  • Fixed Division Points distribution in Ranked Matches (no more losing points for winning) 
  • Fixed issue with “Invalid Player Data" Error preventing some users from playing
  • Fixed issue with wrong Division Progression screen
  • Fixed UI animation in Placement matches 
  • Fixed rotation of weekly challenges
  • Fixed issue where player lost connection during Nitro message and was stuck there after reconnection
  • Fixed issue when damage was not registered correctly
  • Fixed bug where “Jiggle” objects (like capes) were getting stuck in unnatural positions
  • Fixed issue where the game sometimes crashed at Completed Challenges screen, Split Rewards list screen or Division Position screen
  • Fixed issue where when players bought credits while in Battle Pass rewards screen, they were stuck on the rewards screen
  • Fixed few minor issues in First Time User Experience

  • Fixed visual issue where spectated player was sometimes invisible
  • Fixed visual issue where Division progression screen was shown after finishing casual match
  • Fixed visual issue where Ranked Badge was sometimes missing on the player’s avatar
  • Fixed visual issue where Gold 3 Division icon appeared on player's avatar during match summary even without playing Ranked game
  • Fixed visual issue where on weaker devices some targets were invisible

  • Fixed issue where players would get wrong medal at the beginning of the match if they had Jet as their favorite hero
  • Fixed issue where players were forced to change their nickname even if they already changed it on Rank 2
  • Fixed issue where the explosion effect for Tech Jammer was too quick
  • Fixed teammates sometimes having red outlines on weapons in Ranked

Thank you for your feedback and see you on the battlefield!

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