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Jul 29, 2020

War Games Update 0.2.5

Hello Champions!

The 0.2.5 update is here along with many changes to make your experience even better!

  • New amazing map: Construction Site
  • New feature: Jump Pads added to the game!
  • Major improvements and balancing of Division Point rewards in Ranked matches
  • Improved Hero Selection screen
  • Improved hit detection
  • Significantly reduced server lag when shooting
  • Improved control input
  • Improved player synchronization
  • Fixes and improvements to explosions
  • Added controller support for Social Wheel
  • Power-ups now present in all game modes
  • Improved Tutorial and First Time User Experience
  • Improved loading screens, now showing map layouts and hints
  • Improved Victory Podium with character animations and audio cues
  • Improved overall user experience in various ways (shop, first match, login rewards, warmup, etc.)
  • Improved overall performance
  • Entering the options menu is now possible during the tutorial

Thank you for your feedback and see you on the battlefield!

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